How This Photographer is Using His Camera to Combat Depression

Photographer Greg Sheard has suffered from depression for nearly two decades now, but two years ago he took up a new weapon in his fight against it: his camera. In this 5-minute video, Sheard shares his personal experience in how photography has been helping him combat depression.

“One thing always remains in common when I go out to do photography, and that is: suddenly all of my problems seem to go away,” Sheard writes. “I feel at one with my camera and the location I am in and I have this sense of focus and perspective.”


“I give myself goals and targets to make my photography better and every day I am learning something new,” Sheard says. “It could take years before I become a professional photographer but I want to keep going as for me it makes me happy.”


“I’m not saying photography is the cure for my depression but it helps take the edge off,” Sheard says. “Having a hobby you can really get your teeth stuck into helps immensely and I certainly recommend if you are ever struggling, just try something different and who knows? It could be the missing jigsaw puzzle in your life.”

You can find more of Sheard’s photos and videos on his Instagram and YouTube, respectively.

(via Greg Sheard via Fstoppers)



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