This Horror Movie is About a Serial Killer… Camera Drone

The Drone is an upcoming horror movie about a serial killer… who transfers his mind into a DJI camera drone. You can watch the new 2-minute trailer above.

Filmmaker Jordan Rubin first released a parody trailer back in 2015 about a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter that takes on an evil and bloodthirsty mind of its own. That trailer has since been taken down, and this latest trailer looks a lot more polished and worthy of the silver screen.

Here’s the latest synopsis that was posted with the trailer:

A serial killer transfers his consciousness into a consumer drone right before he is killed, then flies off to terrorize newlyweds Rachel (ALEX ESSOE) and Chris (JOHN BROTHERTON). The couple must fight to stop the insidious device before it destroys them both.

No word on if or when The Drone will be available to watch in theaters or via streaming services, but IMDB states that the film is currently in post-production.



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