A Look at Photographers Documenting the Modern Civil Rights Movement

It’s almost 51 years since the death Martin Luther King Jr. He helped shape the world and was the face of the fight that would spark change in the oppression of the black community and the on-going racial divide. Photography played it’s part in history, documenting the rise of one of the worlds most influential figures and the movement that came with him. Now in 2019, the fight he would still no doubt be at the front of if he could is still being fought.  This goes beyond black and white, this is about any social group that is facing oppression and adversity. And as the modern civil right movement is in full force, we have a generation of photographers that are here to capture it.
Source: https://www.thephoblographer.com/2019/01/21/look-at-the-photographers-documenting-the-modern-day-civil-rights-movement/


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