Happy #TravelTuesday one and all! I’m Dave Williams, coming at you this week from Tallinn, Estonia where I’m exploring this old city in search of coffee, burgers, and awesome views! I have a secret tip for your drone photography this week.



Everyone wants to know what they’re doing wrong, right? Well here’s what you’re doing wrong!


The top rookie drone pilot mistake, aside from flying in the wrong places (I won’t go there though) is……


When people get a drone they go through actions not dissimilar to when they get a window seat on a plane. What us humans tend to do is take a photo of that place down below us, familiar to us, from a new perspective. We get on the plane and as it takes off over our local city we see things we recognise out of the window and shoot it for the sake of shooting it. It’s not a bad thing, I’m not saying that at all, if anything it’s pretty cool to get that new perspective of such a familiar place and to see how things look relative to one another from up there. It’s tantamount to what we all did when we first discovered Google Street View – we suddenly had the technological ability to literally go anywhere we wanted to in the entire world and despite that we all did the exact same thing. We opened up the map, we took hold of that little man, and we all dragged him and dropped him into the exact same position… our front door! We like to see things from a new perspective, it’s clearly in our nature. This little trait we all seem to have rubs off in our drone photography and we need simply to be aware of it in order to avoid it.



When flying a drone, as I’ve explained in my KelbyOne class, we need to fly like a movie director. This means not simply lifting off and turning the camera to view the place we took off from – it means applying all that we know about photography such as light, composition, subject matter, and then applying it to the new camera up in the air. It’s simply another camera which is now removed from us – the same rules and principles apply.


Don’t be the passenger in the window seat. Make your drone photography stand out among the crowd.


Much love



The post appeared first on Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider.

Source: https://scottkelby.com/49161-2/


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