Tomas Ayuso Shows Why The Honduran Youth Are Fighting For The Right To Grow Old

Travelers come from all over the world to visit Honduras. From the beautiful island of Utila to the picturesque town of Copan, it’s labelled paradise to those who stop by. But for many that live there the narrative couldn’t be more different. Government corruption and painful inequality mean that life for a local is tough. Issues with violence and access to basic needs are also making it an impossible place to live. That’s why many, including the countries youth, are fleeing in hope for something better.

Tomas Ayuso is a Honduran photojournalist and has been documenting the crisis, spending time with those that have decided to leave in the process. The story has taken him to the US/Mexican border, given him access to makeshift homes often housing large groups of people and allowed to create some truly meaningful work.

We spoke to Tomas to learn more about how circumstances are tearing his home nation apart.


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