This (Likely Rare) Diane Arbus Print is Yours for $5,000

Attention, vintage fans and print collectors! If you’re in the mood to expand your stash of retro memorabilia or rare prints, you might be interested our latest previous find: a most likely rare Diane Arbus print. In the listing by Washington-based ebay seller serialpug, the black and white print is described as a 17″ by 17″ photograph of Blaze Starr. It appears to be fixed to a cardboard backing, but most of the backing has also been ripped off. The photos show that the print has scratches and discoloration throughout. Other flaws mentioned rough edges, a visible crease, and some bubbling. It bears no signatures or print information anywhere. The print is being sold as found in as found condition and may need to be restored. It’s listed at $4,999.99 but the seller is open to information and offers on this piece, as the condition is likely to dictate a different price.


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